Kid’s Book Review: I am an Artist

Kid’s Book Review: I am an Artist

About the Book and Author / Illustrator

What is an artist? Sometimes John finds art easy, sometimes it’s hard, sometimes art is like a game, but sometimes it’s a puzzle. This book takes us through the many ups and downs of John’s life as an artist whilst also showing the fun that can be had with many different artforms, including drawing, sculpture, painting, photography and many more.

Being an artist is about being brave, frustrated and disappointed. But it’s also about being creative, imaginative, excited and fulfilled – which makes it a wonderful thing for all children to say with confidence … ‘I am an ARTIST!’

Originally published in Estonian, this book has been expertly translated by Adam Cullen and is published by Graffeg.

I am an Artist cover
Kertu Sillaste

Kertu Sillaste is an author and an illustrator from Estonia. Her works are unique in illustration and simple in text. With strong lines and vivid colours along with adorable characters introduced in her books, her books not only speak with stories, but also with the illustrations. This is certainly one of the aspects that make Kertu’s work so special amongst other books.

Book Review

This book really gets the creative juices flowing at home

Maryam says: My favourite page was the page with all the tigers and flowers because that looked fun. Art is fun, I like to paint and and use lots of colours like it’s in the book. Even when my painting is messy, it’s still art. I am going to be an artist now.

Mum says: We enjoyed reading the book and exploring different ways to be an artist. It has broadened Maryam’s appreciation of art as she now has discovered that art is everywhere. There have been lots of pointing out at things around us and exclamations of this is art.


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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Maryam
  • Age: 5 years
  • Likes: reading books, playing in the mud and crafting
  • Dislikes: raisins and tidying up
  • Favourite Book: Hatem Aly
  • Favourite Song: Ramadan Moon by Cat Stevens
  • Favourite Film: Zog