Kid’s Book Review: I am Not an Octopus

Kid’s Book Review: I am Not an Octopus

About the Book, Author and Illustrator

A fun book about overcoming your fears by Eoin McLoughlin and Marc Boutavant about an octopus who is afraid of the water, published by Walker Books.

Terry is sure he is not an octopus. He’s just a regular guy with a few extra arms. Yes, he loves tuna and yes, he’d love to visit Super Octopus Fantasea Adventure World. But octopuses live in the sea. And Terry is afraid of water. Maybe he should learn to swim?


I am Not an Octopus

Eoin McLaughlin is a children’s  author whose books have been translated into 20 languages (last time we counted). We have enjoyed reviewing While We Can’t Hug, illustrated by Polly Dunbar (Faber) but do check out his website to discover his other stories.

Marc Boutavant is a French illustrator who lives in Paris. Marc’s work springs from a wry observation of life and the interaction of his friends and children. Quirks of personality, mannerisms and reactions to situations are transposed onto his characters. These are creatures with a full gamut of emotions.


Book Review

I liked it when Terry visited his mum and dad who were drinking a cup of tea in the sea

Theo’s opinion – Terry is funny and it is good to see him in the water at the end. I love splashing in the water like Terry.

The pictures are colourful and I love the underwater lights on the last page.

I also liked it when Terry visited his mum and dad who were drinking a cup of tea in the sea.

Mum’s opinion – This is an amusing book about Terry who tries to convince you he is definitely not an octopus as he goes down the shopping aisle searching for many cans of tuna! Terry hates water and can’t swim. However, one day he takes the plunge and goes into a swimming pool and learns to swim and is so happy when he does it.

Learning how to swim gives Terry the confidence to jump into the sea and he then reveals to everyone he really is an octopus. Terry can then visit his octopus mum and dad and his friends and go on underwater rides. It is a great book for young ones as they start learning to swim as they could be afraid of water just like Terry.

The well-thought-out and bright illustrations captivate young readers and help them learn new words.


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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Theo
  • Age: 2 years
  • Likes: bananas, Teletubbies and ducks
  • Dislikes: water and rice
  • Favourite Book: The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr
  • Favourite Film: The Boss Baby
  • Favourite Song: Five Little Ducks