Kid’s Book Review: I Lost My Granny in the Supermarket

Kid’s Book Review: I Lost My Granny in the Supermarket

About the Book and Author

This highly illustrated and amusing story by Jo Simmons (author of I Swapped My Brother on the Internet) will appeal to readers who like funny books that make them laugh out loud.

The comic style illustrations  by Nathan Reed compliment the slightly bonkers plot about a boy and his granny, who he discovers has an agenda of her own. It is is published by Bloomsbury and suitable for readers aged 7 -11 years.


I Lost my Granny in the Supermarket cover
Jo Simmons

Jo Simmons began her working life as a journalist. Her first fiction series for children, Pip Street, was inspired by her own kids’ love of funny fiction, and two Super Loud Sam books followed. My Parents Cancelled My Birthday was Jo’s third book for Bloomsbury. In addition to children’s fiction, she has also co-written a humorous parenting book, Can I Give Them Back Now?: The Aargh To Zzzz of Parenting, published by Square Peg.

Nathan Reed has been a professional illustrator since graduating from Falmouth College of Arts in 2000. He was shortlisted for the Serco Prize for Illustration in 2014 and for the World Illustration Awards in 2019 for his latest picture book, Incredible You. He also illustrated the cover of last year’s Christmas edition of Time Out London.

Book Review

I give this book ten out of ten because it's very funny and it has lots of good illustrations

I really enjoyed this book. The beginning is a bit weird and then that’s when I knew that I would love this book.

The story is about an eleven year old boy called Harry who needs to take his granny to a ceremony because his granny invented loo roll. But after she ate a toffee in the supermarket things go very wrong!

Such as Harry getting stuck in a chipmunk costume. The only reason he agreed to wear the costume is because Harry really wants a dog. He gets given puppy points for doing jobs and for this job he would get fifty points. He needed five hundred in total.

I give this book a ten out of ten because it’s very funny and it has lots of good illustrations.


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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Bella
  • Age: 9 years
  • Likes: reading, dancing and drawing
  • Dislikes: spiders and sprouts
  • Favourite Book: Tom Gates: Top of the Class by Liz Pichon
  • Favourite Film: The Order of the Phoenix
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