Kid’s Book Review: I Need Re-Wired

Kid’s Book Review: I Need Re-Wired

About the Book and Author

Beep is a cute little robot who loves nothing more than playing with his friends. They have lots of fun together, but Beep sometimes feels he doesn’t fit in because he has autism and sees the world slightly differently from the others.

In this heart-warming story, it shows the obstacles Beep must face every day and his struggle to be accepted. It shows how he can find it hard to interact with his friends, enjoy their games and how being different makes him feel inside.

So, follow little Beep on his journey to find understanding and acceptance in a world that can appear scary and overwhelming for a little robot with autism.

Deborah Miller

Deborah Miller lives in Cumbernauld just outside Glasgow with her husband, daughter and Romanian rescue dog.

Book Review

I would recommend this book to all children who sometimes get upset or frustrated about being left out

This book was good because it’s a story about a little robot who wasn’t the same as his friends and that made him upset. This happens to me too! Sometimes I want to play with my friends, but not the game they are playing.
The robot has a nice mummy who tells him you can be who you are, you don’t need to get re-wired. Re-wired means change ourselves for other people.

My favourite character is the robot, he just needs to be himself and he did and so he helped his friends who founds puzzles hard.

I liked the illustrations because there are so many colours and they are nice. I really like the front cover because the colours are all so nice and the drawings are amazing.

I would recommend this book to all children who sometimes get upset or frustrated about being left out.

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Unaysa
  • Age: 4 years
  • Likes: Cycling, drawing pictures, art and crafts
  • Dislikes: monsters, ghost and cavities
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