Kid’s Book Review: Impossible

Kid’s Book Review: Impossible

About the Book and Author

This glossy picture book is about a shared journey. Dog longs to visit the seaside. But the ocean is MILES away. “Impossible!” he sighs.
Then a lost crab appears and needs help to get home. By teaming up Dog and Crab achieve their shared goal.

With colourful almost comic-strip-style illustrations there is lots of action on every page to hold the interest of a child listening to this road-tip adventure. It is published by Little Tiger and will be a particularly popular choice with a child who likes vehicles like our 4 year reviewer Clark!

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Tracey Corderoy author

Tracey Corderoy is a trained teacher but now writes full-time and she loves visiting schools, libraries and bookshops, bringing her stories to life with bright, engaging events, and inspiring children to want to be writers too! A multi award-winning author, her first book was published in 2010, and in December 2019, her 70th! You can discover the other books she has written on her website.

Tony Neal’s passion for art has lead to a blooming career in children’s book illustration. When not working, he enjoys a spot of fishing, spicy food and rocking out on his bass guitar in a local band. You can see more books he has illustrated on his website.


Book Review

My favourite things in this book were the monster truck and the car

The dog thinks that going to the beach is impossible, but he finds a crab and the crab knows, and he says to the dog, “it’s only impossible if you say so”. And they go to the beach and it looks like they’re having a really good time but the dog says to the crab, “I need to go because I do have a home”. So then they have an idea and they sell drinks at a cafe on the beach.

The dog thinks he can’t get to the sea, but he can – this book should be called, ‘it’s easy!’. They look like they have a really nice time travelling and camping. My favourite things in this book were the monster truck and the car. I would like to be one of the animals having a drink at their cafe.

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Reviewer Profile

Junior Reviewer Clark
  • Name: Clark
  • Age: 4 years
  • Likes: dinosaurs, chocolate cake and Transformers
  • Dislikes: scary things and jelly
  • Favourite Book: Ten Little Pirates by Michael Brownlow
  • Favourite Film: Mini Force: New Heroes Rise
  • Favourite Song: Iron Man by Black Sabbath