Kid’s Book Review: In the Shadow of the Wolf Queen

Kid’s Book Review: In the Shadow of the Wolf Queen

About the Book and Author

From award-winning author Kiran Millwood Hargrave is a new fantasy trilogy called Geomancer. In the Shadow of the Wolf Queen is the first book in this epic tale, described by our young reviewer as ‘explosive’.

Please scroll down to read Kirsten’s review. She has not read many fantasy stories before but she really loved this book. What more can be said?! We recommend it from readers aged 9 to 99 for pure lyrical escapism. Thanks to Hachette for sending us a proof for Kirsten to enjoy reviewing.

Ysolda has lived her life in the shadow of the wolf queen’s tyrannical rule but, safe in her forest haven, she has never truly felt its threat.

Until one day when a mysterious earthquake shakes the land and her older sister Hari vanishes in its wake.

Accompanied by her loyal sea hawk, Nara, Ysolda embarks on a desperate rescue mission. But when she is forced to strike a bargain with the wolf queen herself, she soon finds herself embroiled in a quest for a magic more powerful – and more dangerous – than she could ever have imagined …

Shadow of the Wolf Queen
Kiran Millwood Hargreave

Kiran Millwood Hargrave is an award winning author and poet. Her acclaimed books include The Girl of Ink and Stars, The Island at the End of Everything and The Way Past Winter. For older readers she has written The Deathless Girls and The Mercies. With her husband Tom de Freston she has created the illustrated stories Julia and the Shark and Leila and the Blue Fox.

Book Review

I haven’t read much fantasy, but enjoyed this one immensely, because of the majestical description and passionate language

This was an explosive book, about nature, animals and people. It was about a journey of a girl and of a nation, described elegantly and with beautiful passion. After the main character’s home is destroyed, she must journey to the realm of the wild queen, Seren, and from there to an ancient land that has been lost for centuries, all just so she can free her sister.

The description in the book was magical and transported me to a vibrant forrest, a muddy bog, or a cavernous castle. The characters were all very detailed and expressed incredibly. By the end of the book, I felt strongly for the all of them and even cried out when one of them died. My particular favourite was the wolf queen herself because of the way her brusque manner hid a softer layer underneath, and over the course of the book, the layers were unravelled.

I really loved this book. I haven’t read much fantasy, but enjoyed this one immensely, because of the majestical description and passionate language. It is now one of my favourites and I will be definitely be following the trilogy!


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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Kirsten
  • Age: 13 years
  • Likes: swimming , netball and writing stories
  • Dislikes: cream (on its own) and unkindness
  • Favourite Book: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
  • Favourite Song: Underdog by Alicia Keys
  • Favourite Film: Hunt for the Wilder People