Kid’s Book Review: In Your Orbit

Kid’s Book Review: In Your Orbit

About the Book and Author

Growing up, Astrid’s big sister Cecilie was her whole world but when Cecilie’s anxiety threatens to swallow her whole, their dynamic shifts. Now Astrid must be the big sister and put her own life on hold to be by Cecilie’s side.

With Astrid’s days becoming increasingly consumed by Cecilie’s mental health and her guilt at not being able to help her more, will she still have room for her best friend Jonas and the handsome Greenlandic boy who’s determined to steal her heart?

Lise Villadsen

Lise Villadsen is a Danish author who began writing at the age of 14. She has published a series of electrifying young adult novels centered around complex family dynamics and youth mental health issues, after making her lauded debut in 2018. Through her highly acclaimed works, Villadsen shrewdly captures the voice of the adolescent generation.

Book Review

Astrid is my favourite character because she is caring, compassionate and relatable

In your Orbit is an amazing and detailed story about a girl whose sister suffers with anxiety and how they both deal with it. Once I started reading this book, I couldn’t stop myself from reading more! 

The story centres around Astrid and she is my favourite character because she is caring, compassionate and relatable. 

I loved the title of the book as it perfectly explains Astrid’s position with her sister, Cecilie being the sun and Astrid’s life revolving around her. Astrid feels like she has two different lives; one of them being her sisters support and the other is being herself and enjoying her life with her friends. 

I really enjoyed how the book was written from Astrid’s point of view because it makes you feel like you are Astrid. There are text bubbles in the book to illustrate the text conversations. I could relate to having text conversations and it made me feel like I was in Astrid’s place. 

I loved how detailed the book is and how it describes Astrid’s feelings. An example of this is, ‘The guilt is back, like a punch to the gut.’ This describes the physical impact of her feelings in a way that you can relate. The writer also describes how Astrid always has a knot feeling in her stomach when she thinks about Cecilie. For example, the writer puts, ‘When I reach my house, the bubble bursts and my stomach tightens back up.’ 

I loved this book, and I will definitely read it again. I read this book in less than a week because it is so intriguing. I would definitely recommend this book and I think anyone could enjoy reading it. 

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  • Name: Amelie
  • Age: 13 years
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