Kid’s Book Review: Indigo Wilde and the Creatures at Jellybean Crescent

Kid’s Book Review: Indigo Wilde and the Creatures at Jellybean Crescent

About the Book and Author / Illustrator

We love this wildly vibrant story for children aged 7- 11 years old by Pippa Curnick who not only wrote it, but created all the amazing illustrations too! It is published by Hachette and we hope is the first of many more adventures for Indigo Wilde…

Discovered in the Unknown Wilderness when she was just a baby, Indigo Wilde was adopted by World-Famous Explorers, Philomena and Bertram, who are always off adventuring.

Home for Indigo and her little brother, Quigley, is 47 Jellybean Crescent, a crazy and colourful house full of magical creatures that her parents have taken in over the years. There’s Fishkins, a purrmaid – half-cat, half-fish, and ALWAYS grumpy; Graham, a llama-corn with a particular taste for tinsel; Olli and Umpf – bright pink and blue yetis who can’t blend in to the snow, and that’s to name just a few of the creatures.

And now Indigo’s parents have sent another Monster Mail delivery to Indigo and Quigley. But this time, the box is empty, and the escaped creature is running rampage around the house. The race is on to catch the creature before it’s too late .

Indigo Wilde

Pippa Curnick grew up in rural Essex and studied at Camberwell College of Art. She graduated from the University of Derby with a First Class degree in illustration. Pippa’s picture book Lucie Goose was shortlisted for the Evening Standard’s Oscar’s First Book Prize.

Book Review

This book makes your imagination go crazy!

This book is full of exciting adventure but it all happens in Indigo’s house! After every chapter it makes you want to read more.
Indigo has lots of magic creatures living in her house because her Mum and Dad are explorers who keep rescuing creatures of different kinds. They even rescued Indigo and her younger brother, Quigley.

This book makes your imagination go crazy! It makes you think about the book a lot, you are just wondering what will happen next.
My favourite character is Indigo. I like Indigo because she is really responsible and independent and her life is so full of fun! But my favourite magical creature is the ‘purrmaid’ because he is so funny. It is silly that his cat half hates the water but his fish tail loves it so much! I can’t say more as I don’t want to spoil your fun.

The pictures are really vibrant to look at, they help you know what the writer wants you to think about. My favourite picture was of Indigo’s cool house with all the bedrooms, you could see the inside of the house fully and all the magical creatures in their bedrooms.

I am really really excited for when Pippa Curnick writes another book about Indigo Wilde! I give it 10/10.

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  • Name: Ella
  • Age: 8 years
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