Kid’s Book Review: Into the Faerie Hill

Kid’s Book Review: Into the Faerie Hill

About the Book and Author

As soon as Alfred arrives at his granny’s cottage, he feels like he’s being watched. There are steep cliffs and dark forests all around, teeming with unfamiliar life – even odd little faerie creatures only Alfred can see. When free-spirited Saga bursts into his life, he begins to appreciate the beauty of these places that have always scared him.

But this special world is under threat: Alfred’s dad is working on a project to dig a giant tunnel through the landscape for a motorway. As he joins Saga in the community protests against the plan, Alfred draws ever closer to the strange world of the faerie creatures, following a thread that seems to be leading him deep into secrets from his family’s past.

H. S. Norup author

H. S. Norup is the award-winning author of The Hungry Ghost and The Missing Barbegazi—a Sunday Times Book of the Year in 2018. She grew up in Denmark, where she devoured fairy tales and escaped into books. After living in six different countries, she now resides in Switzerland and writes stories inspired by her travels, set in the borderlands between the real and imaginary worlds.

Book Review

This amazing book brought tension and made me hang on the edge of each page

Into the Faerie Hill was a fabulous adventure based on fairytale and fantasy, which are my favourite genre. The magical world may seem nice at first but in reality it was dark and evil.

This amazing book brought tension and made me hang on the edge of each page. Each chapter was jam-packed with adventure.

The two main characters were inspiring and showed the message of kindness and self-belief. Other characters in the book showed hatred and malice.

I would recommend this book to people who love a mysterious novel. This book gets progressively darker with an emotional ending.

It would be suitable for readers aged 8 years and above.

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Eliana
  • Age: 10 years
  • Likes: my pet gerbils, gymnastics and reading
  • Dislikes: sports and horror movies
  • Favourite Book: Holes by Louis Sacher
  • Favourite Song: Rain on Me by Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga
  • Favourite Film: The Princess Bride