Kid’s Book Review: Isadora Moon meets the Tooth Fairy

Kid’s Book Review: Isadora Moon meets the Tooth Fairy

About the Book and Author

This book is the latest title in the popular Isadora Moon series by Harriet Muncaster which is perfect of emerging independent readers.

In this story Isadora has a wobbly tooth and her mum and dad are more excited about it than she is! Her vampire dad can’t wait to take her to the vampire dentist and have her special little fang framed. Her mum wants Isadora to leave the tooth under her pillow for the tooth fairy. Isadora isn’t sure what to do until one night, she meets a very special, magical mouse called Mignonette who helps her to overcome her worry about visiting the dentist.

Isadora Moon cover
Harriet Muncaster

Harriet Muncaster is the author and illustrator of the international bestselling Isadora Moon series of young reader books and the middle-grade novel Victoria Stitch: Bad and Glittering, both published by Oxford University Press. So far Isadora Moon is available in twenty-nine different languages, including Spanish, Italian, Romanian and Korean, and is available as an audio book.

Book Review

The tooth fairy helps Isadora Moon to go to the dentist...and find out that it is not scary

I really enjoyed this book. I’ve read some other Isadora Moon books and this one, so far, has been my favourite because I lost one of my teeth when I was reading it!

My favourite bit part was probably the ending because the tooth fairy helps Isadora Moon to go to the dentist. I liked this bit because Isadora finds out that it is not that scary, going to the dentist is fine! She thinks it is going to be scary, but it isn’t. I liked the tooth fairy character called Mignonette. She’s really nice and kind and she’s a mouse!

The illustrations are beautiful. I like that they are just in a few colours, and they help to describe the story. My rating for this book is 5/5 because it is a little bit silly, a lot of fun and full of magic!

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