Kid’s Book Review: Jay’s Guide to Crushing It

Kid’s Book Review: Jay’s Guide to Crushing It

About the Book and Author

A totally modern teen rom com that shows readers that sometimes the basics can be quite complicated, especially if you are in the process of working out your identity!

Jay – sorry, Jennifer – and her family move to a new town for a fresh start, after bullying at her last school went too far.
Jennifer’s mum insists that she do things differently, so gone are her jeans, T-shirts, skateboard and short hair. Jennifer want to keep her mum happy, so she follows Mum’s plan to start looking and acting like a girl.

But it soon starts to wear on Jennifer, and she starts leading a double life, dressing in her brother’s clothes to sneak out to go skateboarding in the local park. That’s where Jennifer feels most like herself, where she can be Jay again.

But then Jay gets tangled up in a crush with Alex, a closeted boy at the skate park who thinks Jay is a boy. But is her friend Mina flirting with Jay … as a girl? Can Jay keep their different worlds from colliding?

Jay's Guide to Crushing It
Ruby Clyde

Ruby Clyde is a comedian and writer from South London, via Southern California.

As part of double act Shelf, Ruby performs at theatres and festivals across the UK. Shelf have been nominated for The Musical Comedy Awards and The Funny Women Awards and their work has over 1 million views on BBC3. They are co-founders of The LOL Word, a comedy night for queer women, trans, and nonbinary comedians with a regular slot at Soho Theatre. Shelf also write and perform for children. They are regulars at Comedy Club 4 Kids, and have created content for Girl Guides. Their original scripted YA comedy series is currently under option.


Book Review

an absolute work of art

I’m gonna be honest with you: ‘Jay’s Guide to Crushing it’ is an absolute work of art. From the front cover to the way the blurb is written, this book had me hooked from the very first page.

I feel like a lot of the characters were based in people in real life or people who are important to the author, which I really love because basing characters on actual human beings make them seem more real and like what was happening in the story was true. I think that real-life situations are a lot more relatable.

The way that Jay just switched gender so easily had me absolutely astounded! The author wrote it so perfectly!

If you’re like me, you are going to laugh a LOT in this book. I’m talking every chapter basically. Humour plays a big part in the storyline.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book to people aged 12 and above and rate it five stars!

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