Kid’s Book Review: Keep Up, Duck!

Kid’s Book Review: Keep Up, Duck!

About the Book, Author and Illustrator

Keep Up, Duck is a sweet rhyming story about not giving up accompanied by intricately drawn illustrations with a subtle pastel palette.

Mama Duck and her ducklings are paddling to the pond. But the littlest duck, Puck, keeps falling behind… “Keep up, Duck!” his mama quacks.

But Puck is determined. Even if he can’t swim very fast, he WILL find a way to keep up!

Ivan Bates studied illustration at Manchester Polytechnic and has illustrated many books for children. He co-wrote this story with his wife Rachel and illustrated it.

Book Review

I would recommend this lovely story about never giving up to my friends

Keep Up, Duck! is a story about Puck the little duckling who is cute but always behind the other ducklings. Puck feels sad always being at the back behind his Mamma and brothers and sisters but he always tries to catch up with help from others. He is determined and clever and never gives up. He is a really good character!

I love the ending when Puck reaches the lily pond faster than his Mamma and the other ducklings. Puck is happy at the end of the story. I like the sounds in the story especially plop and hop because it brings the story to life. The illustrations are bright and cheerful. I would recommend this lovely story about never giving up to my friends.


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