Kid’s Book Review: Kicked Out

Kid’s Book Review: Kicked Out

About the Book and Author

In October 2023 A. M. Dassu’s long-awaited sequel to award-winning  Boy, Everywhere will be published by Old Barn Books.

Ali and Sami are living their best lives, looking forward to a summer of playing football and swimming in Mark’s new luxury pool – then Aadam, already threatened with deportation, is accused of theft. The boys are thrown out of Mark’s house and the future looks bleak. And just when he thinks things can’t get any worse, Ali’s father moves back to town. The boys are going to need each other more than ever now.


Kicked Out
A M Dassu

A. M. Dassu is the internationally acclaimed and award-winning author of Boy, Everywhere and Fight Back (Scholastic).  She is a director at Inclusive Minds, an organisation for people who are passionate about inclusion, diversity, equality and accessibility in children’s literature, and one of the National Literacy Trust’s Connecting Stories campaign authors, aiming to help inspire a love of reading and writing in children and young people.

A. M. Dassu grew up in the UK Midlands dreaming of becoming a writer but studied economics instead and worked in marketing, Adult Basic Education and project management before realising her dream. She writes books that challenge stereotypes, humanise the “other” and are full of empathy, hope and heart.

Book Review

It showed aspects of racism, theft and violence but the main characters got through these challenges with belief, faith and perseverance

Kicked Out is a great book showcasing the importance of kindness and trust in your friends. It showed aspects of racism, theft and violence but the main characters got through these challenges with belief, faith and perseverance.

It was sad and dark at times but it was a page-turning adventure and made me want to read the first and next book in the series.

I would recommend it for children who are eleven years or older because it is about older children and problems caused by the war in Syria. It is a great book.

There is also a great storyline and writing talents behind it. The author is very gifted at writing.

If you would would like to buy a copy of the book we invite you to order it from your local independent book shop.

Alternatively, we suggest that you visit your local library and request to borrow a copy from a friendly librarian.

Whichever you choose we hope you enjoy being part of your unique reading community – happy reading everyone!

Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Eliana
  • Age: 10 years
  • Likes: my pet gerbils, gymnastics and reading
  • Dislikes: sports and horror movies
  • Favourite Book: Holes by Louis Sacher
  • Favourite Song: Rain on Me by Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga
  • Favourite Film: The Princess Bride