Kid’s Book Review: Kitty and the Starlight Song

Kid’s Book Review: Kitty and the Starlight Song

About the Book and Author

This is the eighth book in the Kitty series suitable for young independent readers aged 5 years and above. If you don’t already know Kitty is a girl by day and a cat by night! These attractive little books are the perfect transition for a reader who is progressing from picture books to longer ‘middle-grade’ stories. They are written by Paula Harrison and contain colour illustrations by Jenny Løvlie. Oxford University Press are the publishers.

In Kitty and the Starlight Song, Kitty is preparing for the end of the year concert – her class will be singing a song in front of the whole school, and each one of them will have a line to sing as a solo. As a superhero-in-training with cat-like superpowers, Kitty can do all sorts of marvellous things, from jumping between roofs to catching thieves and recovering stolen treasures. As a superhero, Kitty is learning to be brave and to trust in her skills. But as a regular girl, Kitty is terrified to sing in front of everyone at school. She will need the help of her trusted cat crew to overcome her stage-fright.


Kitty and the Starlight Song
Paula Harrison

Paula Harrison was born in Bletchley (home of the wartime code-breakers!) She always said I wanted to be a writer, but  didn’t actually get round to it for quite a long time.

She trained to be a primary school teacher and spent many years teaching. Those years taught me her children like in stories and how they respond to humour and suspense. Reading to an audience of children is just amazing.

Paula is the author of the Kitty series as well as several other children’s books. You can visit her website to find out more

Here is a genuine kid’s review of Kitty and the Twilight Trouble, also by Paula Harrison.

Book Review

I really loved this book and I am going to get some of the other Kitty books now too

This is the first Kitty book I have read and I loved it – I wanted to keep reading it to find out what happens next. The colours and shiny bits on the front cover make the book look exciting. I liked the information about all the main characters at the start and I learned lots of new information about cats from the ‘cat facts’ at the end of the book. The pictures in the book are nice and helped me imagine what was happening. I loved singing the lines of the song; this made the book more fun.

I like the way Kitty is a normal girl like me who goes to school, but she also has superpowers. Kitty was nervous about her singing her solo in the concert in front of lots of people at school. She is really kind and uses her superpowers to help others. Dodger was not a good cat at the start when she stole the pearl necklace and I was sad when Figaro hurt himself when he was chasing after her, but Kitty gave her a chance to change and invited her to Figaro’s surprise birthday party. Dodger then helped Kitty when she rescued the salmon parcels for the party. Kitty wanted to cheer up Figaro so arranged the surprise birthday party which sounded really lovely and I liked the way some of the other cats helped. Duke was a bad cat too and wanted to steal the party food, but Kitty invited him to the party so they could share the food together. Kitty was kind to him even though he was trying to steal and I liked it when they all came to the party and played music so that Kitty would sing her song. I was so happy when Kitty sang the song at the concert and was not nervous anymore.

I really loved this book and I am going to get some of the other Kitty books now too.

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  • Name: Emaan
  • Age: 5 years
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