Kid’s Book Review: Last Gate of the Emperor 2 – The Royal Trials

Kid’s Book Review: Last Gate of the Emperor 2 – The Royal Trials

About the Book and authors

From Kwame Mbalia and Prince Joel David Makonnen is the second action-packed Afrofuturist adventure about a mythical Ethiopian empire. Sci-fi and fantasy combine in this epic journey to the stars.

Thanks to Scholastic for sending us a copy for Jonah to enjoying reading. We think that readers aged 7-11 years who like action, adventure set in other worlds (a bit like some computer games) will love this fast paced story as its world building, informed by Prince Makonnen’s heritage is literally out of this world!


The Royal Trials cover
Kwame Mbalia

Kwame Mbalia the author of  the TRISTAN STRONG series. He is the co-author of LAST GATE OF THE EMPEROR with Prince Joel Makonnen, from Scholastic Books. You can find out more by visiting his website. 

Prince Joel David Makonnen has co-written this book with Kwama Mbalia. You can find out more about this multi-talented Ethopian prince here.

Book Review

In three words I would say this book is thrilling, enticing and funny

This is a sequel to The Last Gate of the Emperor which I have read and enjoyed. I must admit it was a bit hard to get into as it has been so long since I read the last one. But, once I started to remember the characters, I devoured it! This book sees Yared fighting who he thinks are pirates to protect Old Earth from attack.

My favourite character is Yared, because he’s calm and relaxed and often sees the funny of side of things. I loved how Yared’s exo (a robotic suit you can control) has the WALYA system which means it is very old and has no jump boots or turbo boosters and is meant to protect builders rather than fighters! The exo has a life of its own and can be really sarcastic. Yared and the exo sometimes disagree but end up being great friends.

This is a exhilarating action adventure full of robots, pirates, spaceships and betrayal! Fans of adventures in space, set in the future and loads of gadgets will really enjoy this book. In three words I would say this book is thrilling, enticing and funny.

Here is a link to our review of the first title in the series The Last Gate of the Emperor


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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Jonah
  • Age: 10 years
  • Likes: Watching YouTube, Lego and reading
  • Dislikes: Homework, chores and mushrooms
  • Favourite Book: Battle of the Beetles by M.G. Leonard
  • Favourite Song: Wonderwall by Oasis
  • Favourite Film: Cool Runnings