Kid’s Book Review: Leif the Unlucky Viking

Kid’s Book Review: Leif the Unlucky Viking

About the Book and Author / Illustrator

Leif is not unlucky. Yes, he does split his trousers at least once a week. And yes, he’s always tripping up and falling down a hole. But he’s determined to become a true Viking hero, just like his dad. Can he unravel the riddles of a witch to find a magical shard of rock that has fallen from a shooting star and wield its mystical powers?

He will have to journey deep into the heart of polar bear country, outwitting all kinds of mythological creatures along the way. Thankfully, he has Olaf, the annoying duck, Toki, the nincompoop Puffin, and Flora, the incredibly smelly Muskox, for company. He’s going to need all the luck he can get!

Gary Northfield has been writing and drawing comics since 2002. He has regularly worked for esteemed magazines such as The Beano, The Phoenix, National Geographic Kids and The Dandy. He is the author of the Julius Zebra series.

Book Review

I would give this book to someone who likes danger, surprises and Vikings

This book is so fun. It is full of surprises. One chapter is even a board game and I was not expecting that!

This story is very adventurous and very exciting. All sorts of new things pop up, such as using Flora’s fleece as a boat. This story is about a pup called Leif who is trying to find a shattered piece of a gods hammer. Leif loves adventures because he always wanted to be like his father. Along the way he meets a duck called Olaf (he is the first one to join Leifs quest), an oxen called Flora (she is second to join), a puffin called Toki and even a fish joins in!

The god is called Thor and he needs his hammer in one piece because he needs to fight the trickster god, Loki. These are the things our young adventurers like; Leif likes adventures, Olaf likes warm weather, Flora likes magic and Toki likes Vikings. The three beasts that they met on their journey were a giant, polar bears and a monster whale. I was a bit worried they wouldn’t be able to beat them!

I would give this book to someone who likes danger, surprises and Vikings.

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  • Name: Rory
  • Age: 7 years
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