Kid’s Book Review: Lily the Pond Mermaid

Kid’s Book Review: Lily the Pond Mermaid

About the Book, Author and Illustrator

Ponds are lush green places, full of busy life. And some ponds, if you look hard enough, even have a secret: pond mermaids. Just like Lily. In her beloved pond home, is her whole world – all her dragonfly, damselfly, butterfly, snail, frog and fish friends. But ponds are vulnerable places and Lily worries about keeping everyone safe … and her worry grows and grows.

When a storm hits the pond and everything becomes covered in a tangle of storm debris, Lily becomes overwhelmed. But then she finds, bubbling up inside, a little flicker of courage to reach out, talk about her worries and … ask for help.

Lucy Fleming has been an avid doodler and book-worm since childhood.
She never quite grew out of having her head in the clouds, daydreaming. She specialises in children’s book illustration where her love for designing quirky characters meets her passion for storytelling.

Book Review

his was a good story because its about friendship and helping others and thats important!

This was a good story because its about friendship and helping others and thats important!
My favourite page was the front cover because there is Lily the pond mermaid and Bobble and Goldie and I like them all, especially Lily because she is my favourite character because she helps others because she is kind and that makes others happy and spreads smiles.

I likes the part when the frogs needed help, Lily got a hammer to help them and that was nice.

I really like how the frog spawn grow on each page until they become frogs. Its fun to look out for them on every page!

My favourite part is when they all get together to tidy up after the storm. They all do team work because Lily can’t do it on her own. Team work helps everyone work together.

The illustrations were good and the colours are all greeny like a pond which is very beautiful and perfect.

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Unaysa
  • Age: 4 years
  • Likes: Cycling, drawing pictures, art and crafts
  • Dislikes: monsters, ghost and cavities
  • Favourite Movie: Paw Patrol
  • Favourite Song: I'm a Little Teapot
  • Favourite Book: Fix it Duck by Jez Alborough