Kid’s Book Review: Little Bear

Kid’s Book Review: Little Bear

About the Book and Author

This is a tender, stunningly illustrated fable about letting go with love from the talented Richard Jones who is best known as the creator of Perdu. 

Not only are the pictures in this book simply beautiful the story is achingly lovely, reminding us of Puff the Magic Dragon‘s theme about leaving our make-believe friends behind as we grow up…

It is published by Simon & Schuster and is definitely a book for keeps.


Little Bear Cover

Richard Jones studied illustration at the University of Plymouth in Devon. After finishing his degree, he stayed on to complete a PhD. While working on his thesis, Jones got a “temporary” job in Exeter’s Central Library and somehow found himself working there for more than ten years. When not at his desk, he enjoys bobbing about in the sea, swimming in rivers, walking in woods, listening to audiobooks on the bus, and stroking the cat. He now works full time as an author and illustrator. Visit his website to discover more of his beautiful books including Perdu.


Book Review

Lots of children will like this book because it's about playing with friends and going home to your family.

This is a good book!
I liked this book because it was so amazing when the boy was kind to the bear after he found him and took him home.
My favourite part was when the polar bear got back to his family.
It was a funny part when bear was in the pocket hanging on a tree!
It was also funny when they were watching polar bears on TV.
Lots of children will like this book because it’s about playing with friends and going home to your family.

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Unaysa
  • Age: 3 years
  • Likes: Going to fun places, reading and scootering
  • Dislikes: Monsters and getting ouchies
  • Favourite Book: Fix It Duck by Jez Aldbrough
  • Favourite Song: Baby Shark
  • Favourite Film: Peter Rabbit, the movie