Kid’s Book Review: Loki – A Bad God’s Guide to Taking the Blame

Kid’s Book Review: Loki – A Bad God’s Guide to Taking the Blame

About the Book and Author / Illustrator

The Bad God ‘Loki’ has captured the imagination of a generation of young readers aged 7 – 11 years. The stories are accompanied with lots of doodle-style illustrations that will appeal to children who like reading Tom Gates and Diary of a Wimpy Kid-style of book. Unlike those stories, that have a purely contemporary setting, the Loki stories add a historical element and information about the Norse Gods – arguably offering a semi-educational element that teacher’s may approve of too!

This is the second book in the series by Louie Stowell, published by Walker Books. You can read our Kid’s Book Review of the first title here  Loki – The Bad God’s Guide to Being Good

In this book Odin has given Loki another chance to prove himself worthy of Asgard by keeping Earth safe from the threat of Frost Giants. But eleven-year-old Loki has more important things to worry about: Parents Evening. After a series of 1-star reviews from his teachers, Loki is jealous of the glowing adoration bestowed upon Thor and swears vengeance. So when Thor has a birthday party and his favourite hammer, Mjolnir, goes missing, everyone suspects Loki. To clear his name, Loki must find Thor’s hammer and find out who the real thief is…



Loki - book cover
Louie Stowell author

Louie Stowell started her career writing carefully-researched books about space, ancient Egypt, politics and science but eventually lapsed into just making stuff up. She likes writing about dragons, wizards, vampires, fairies, monsters and parallel worlds. Please the author’s website to find out more about Louie.

Book Review

I would recommend this book to kids aged seven upwards who are looking for a little mischief and fun pranks

I love, love this book because I like knowing I’m not the only mischievous person in the world and it makes me want to put a spider under my mummy and daddy’s pillow.

In the book Loki is living as an eleven year old mortal boy. When Thor’s hammer goes missing everyone thinks Loki stole it so he has to try to prove that he didn’t. Loki is my favourite character because he plays pranks on everyone and gives clever insults and draws funny things in his diary.

I think the illustrations in the book are great and really look like they were drawn by an eleven year old boy. They are funny and silly and make me laugh.

The book teaches me how to be cheeky without getting in to trouble. I would recommend this book to kids aged seven upwards who are looking for a little mischief and fun pranks.


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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Rowan
  • Age: 8 years
  • Likes: Minecraft, dressing up and pizza with beans on
  • Dislikes: Bird poop, getting sticky and daddy long legs
  • Favourite Book: Loki A Bad God’s Guide to Taking the Blame by Louie Stowell
  • Favourite Song: A Million to one by Camilla Cabello from Cinderella
  • Favourite Film: Cinderella with Camilla Cabello