Kid’s Book Review: Magpie

Kid’s Book Review: Magpie

About the Book and Author

Magpie is a story for children aged 10-13 years about healing, home and new beginnings from the acclaimed author Eve Ainsworth. It describes the story of a girl who moves with her mother and little brother to a new home so they can be safe.

Lyla, our 11 year old reviewer said it is a good book that makes her feel grateful that she doesn’t have anyone horrible in her life. The story acted as a gateway to a first conversation with her mother how domestic abuse is unfortunately a reality for some families.

It’s a fresh start, Mum says. This time, she is never going back. Slowly Alice starts to build a life for herself, at a new school with new friends. But she can’t escape the feeling she is being watched by her father;  that Mum might be about to break her promise. But Alice worries that this new found security may be taken away from her one day.

Magpie is published by Scholastic who have a shop with books for a similar age group in a pack of four.

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Eve Ainsworth

Eve Ainsworth is an award-winning teen author and experienced school speaker, with a background working for secondary schools in pastoral and child protection roles. She is the author of several bestselling novels including the Carnegie Medal-nominated 7 Days.

You can find out more about the author by visiting her website.

Book Review

Reading this book helped me to understand how difficult some people’s lives really can be

Magpie was a good book about a girl named Alice and all the terrible things that had happened to her and her mother in the past.

She had recently moved to a new house to escape her mum’s ex-boyfriend, Ross, and were happy to start again in a house all by themselves.

Her little brother, Henry, made me laugh at how many dens he made and reminded me of my little sister who also loves to make dens. The ending was a big surprise and was very different to how I imagined it.

This book was different to all the other books on my bookshelf as it felt like it could have happened in real life.

Reading this book made me feel grateful that I don’t have someone horrible in my life and helped me to understand how difficult some people’s lives really can be.


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Reviewer Profile

Lyla junior reviewer
  • Name: Lyla
  • Age: 11 years
  • Likes: football, skate-boarding and adventures
  • Dislikes: broccoli and SPAG for SATS
  • Favourite Book: The Harry Potter Series by J. K. Rowling
  • Favourite Film: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire