Kid’s Book Review: Maisy Loves Bees

Kid’s Book Review: Maisy Loves Bees

About the Book and Author / Illustrator

Maisy is finding out about the bees in her garden and learning why they are so important for our planet.

What do bees do all day? Where do they live?

We think little ones will enjoy learning with the adorable Maisy mouse in this colourful board book published by Walker Books.

Lucy Cousins

Lucy Cousins was born in 1964, attending a school in Kent. After doing a foundation course at Canterbury College, Lucy did a BA Honours in Graphic Design, followed by a postgraduate degree at the Royal College of Art.

Book Review

It's interactive, encouraging him to count bees and make buzzing sounds

Dylan: I really like Maisy books and it has been fun learning all about bees. It’s funny buzzing like a bee and I liked the surprise of the last fold-out page and seeing all of Maisy’s friends in the garden.

Mum and Dad: Dylan has a few Maisy books already, and has really enjoyed reading this one with us. It’s packed with accessible, age appropriate facts about bees.

It’s interactive, encouraging him to count bees and make buzzing sounds. It’s also teaching him about adjectives e.g. “big”, “little”, “stripy” and “sweet.”

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Dylan
  • Age: 20 months
  • Likes: animals, bright colours, twinkly lights and meal times
  • Dislikes: staying still and having my hair washed
  • Favourite book: Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell
  • Favourite song: Goca Dünya by Altın Gün