Kid’s Book Review: Making Friends – Together Forever

Kid’s Book Review: Making Friends – Together Forever

About the Book and Author / Illustrator

Dany’s magical sketchbook has steered most of her middle-school life so far – it even helped create her best friend, Madison. But now that the sketchbook is gone, and Madison with it, Dany’s back to being a loner.
Then one day, Dany tunes in to the new hit TV show My Magical Best Friend, and it’s starring her magical best friend, Madison!

The show is clearly based on Dany’s life, and she watches it regularly with a mix of horror and fascination.
But lately there’s something else about the show that’s captured her attention: Madison seems to be dropping hints for Dany to come rescue her.

Kristen Gudsnuk

Kristen Gudsnuk is a comics writer and illustrator. She got her start with the webcomic Henchgirl, which was later published by Scout Comics in single issue and Dark Horse Comics as a collection. The Making Friends series is about a girl who tries to use magic to help adjust to seventh grade.

Book Review

It’s all laid out like a comic book with lots of pictures and illustrations

The characters in Making Friends are Danielle, Madison, John,Dani, Leah, Prince, Neptune, and Amara. I really like Madison, she saves the day. Her character is bad, but she’s also very good.

The story is all about aliens coming and replacing humans. The aliens tried to take over and Dani has a magic pen whatever she writes, or draws comes to life. In the end, they become friends and the aliens can stay it all works out.

It’s all sitting in a TV setting. It is made to look real and out of this world.

The opening paragraph is all about Dani in her bedroom and the story ends when Dani has a dream about meeting Madison. They do fun things together and then she suddenly wakes up and it’s time for school!

The book is a comic book, so there’s loads of colourful illustrations and diagrams. Lots of pictures. it’s really well drawn and animated looks so good.

It’s all laid out like a comic book with lots of pictures and illustrations. It’s all colourful easy to read and it’s a fun read I enjoyed it.

It’s all about aliens against humans we’re all the same we can all be friendly and fun, kind loving and we can all be friends.

I would recommend the book for ages 10 and onwards.

I really enjoyed reading the book. I could really get into the story and see it happening in my mind as I was reading it. It was very exciting and I couldn’t wait to see what was happening next.

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