Kid’s Book Review: Marv and the Mega Robot

Kid’s Book Review: Marv and the Mega Robot

About the Book and Author

This is the first book in a powerful series of one boy’s journey to unlock the superhero within written by Alex Falase-Koya and illustrated by Paula Bowles. It published by Oxford University Press.

Marvin is an ordinary boy who loves spending time with Grandpa, reading comics, and making science experiments with his best friend Joe. But everything changes when he discovers a mysterious superhero suit hidden in the attic . . . to his amazement, Marvin learns that he is next in a long line of superheroes. Now the time has come to meet his destiny!

When the Science Fair is thrown into chaos by super-villain Mastermind and her giant robot, Marvin is the only one who can stop them. Will Marvin be brave enough to step into his power-and into his superhero suit-to become the great and marvellous superhero Marv?


Marv and the Mega Robot
Alex Falase-Koya

Alex is a London native. He has been both reading and writing since he was a teenager; anything at the cross-section of social commentary and genre fiction floats his boat. He was a winner of Spread the Word’s 2019 London Writers Awards for YA/children’s.

Paula Bowles studied illustration at Falmouth College of Arts and has been working as an illustrator for 10 years.


Book Review

It was a fun book and it made me feel happy

Marvin is a boy who makes a robot for his school science fair with his friend Joe, the readaloud 3000 as it can read words from paper. But the robot breaks and Marvin is sad, especially as another boy laughs at them. He goes home and talks to his grandad who asks him to get his suitcase from the loft.

In the suitcase is a superhero outfit and a really cool robot. Marvin’s grandad was a superhero when he was younger and now it’s Marvin’s turn. After he puts the suit on he becomes MARV. The suit has suction boots and ropes to save him when he falls.

At the science fair there is an evil judge called Mastermind who wants to take over the world with evil robots. She tries to take over the science fair with a massive robot and Marv has to try and stop her.

I loved this book because Marvin turns into Marv and finds a cool tiny robot. It was a fun book and it made me feel happy.

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