Kid’s Book Review: Me and the Robbersons

Kid’s Book Review: Me and the Robbersons

About the Book and Author

This is a mad-cap road-trip adventure story translated from its original Finnish into English. It is aimed at readers aged 8-12 years who like crazy adventures and amusing stories. It is written by Siri Kolu and published in the UK by Little Tiger Press.

Maisie is convinced her summer holiday is going to be as boring as ever – until she’s snatched by the Robbersons, a bunch of bandits with an insatiable appetite for sweets! Soon Maisie realizes that life on the open road with the Robbersons is just the adventure she has always longed for. They’ve even started to see her as one of the gang! So when she discovers that the police and her parents are hot on their trail, Maisie decides she isn’t quite ready to be rescued…


me and the Robbersons cover
Siri Kolu author

Siri Kolu is a writer, dramatist, director and theatre instructor among many other duties in the Finnish cultural field. She is a Finlandia Junior Prize winner and her works have been published into 21 languages. She has been awarded the Laivakello Prize by the Väinö Riikkilä Society and in the Netherlands, Kolu won the Silver Slate Pencil (Zilveren Griffel). She is a front-line author with a strong voice and a broad range from humourous middle grade to edgy YA, cross-over fiction and beyond.


Book Review

I would recommend this book to people who like to laugh. Get ready to go on a great adventure with the Robbersons!

When I looked at this book for the first time, I realised it wasn’t what I expected as I hadn’t ever seen such a wordy front cover before but then I realised that it was a proof and not what the front cover of the final book would look like.

The fact it had been written in a different language initially made me feel uncertain but excited because I had not read a translated book before

It’s the diary of a girl called Maisie and is about her adventures with a bandit clan called the Robbersons which explains the books title. It also gives tips about robbing which the Robbersons make.

Although I can’t say that it kept me attracted like a magnet all the way through the book, there were parts of it which I really enjoyed reading because they were funny.

I would recommend this book to people who like to laugh. Get ready to go on a great adventure with the Robbersons!

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  • Name: Danny
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