Kid’s Book Review: Mermaids Rock – The Midnight Realm

Kid’s Book Review: Mermaids Rock – The Midnight Realm

About the Book and Author

Mermaids Rock is new series for readers aged 5 – 8 years set in a magical aquatic world written by Linda Chapman and illustrated in black and white by Mirelle Ortega. The Midnight Realm is the fourth title in this series of under-water stories, but you can discover the other Mermaids Rock adventures here.

When animals start disappearing from the reef into the mysterious Midnight Realm, Naya and her friends investigate and they find a glowing cave with a tentacled monster lurking within.

When the monster traps Luna the friends launch into action. Naya will have to be smart if she’s going to pull off her rescue mission and save her friend…


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Linda Chapman is the best-selling author of over 200 books for 5–14 year olds. Her series include MY SECRET UNICORN and STAR FRIENDS, among many others. Visit her website to find out more.

Mirelle Ortega is a Mexican illustrator, storyteller and concept artist. She often draws inspiration from Latin American cultures, constantly mixing the whimsical and the ordinary in colourful compositions that are both bold and vibrant. You can visit her website to see more of her work.

Book Review

My favourite character is Naya because she is optimistic.

This series is all about mermaids who solve different mysteries. The Midnight Realm is adventurous and a little bit surprising!

My favourite character in this story is Naya because she is optimistic and I loved reading about her adventures.

In my opinion it is a great book.

If you are age 6, 7 or 5  years old I recommend you read this book because I think you would love it.

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Ava young Reviewer
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