Kid’s Book Review: Minnie Home Alone

Kid’s Book Review: Minnie Home Alone

About the Book, Author and Illustrator

Cute Puppy alert!

Harper adores her puppy Minnie, but the pup hates being home alone and it’s stressing out the whole family. They realize that Minnie is suffering from separation anxiety, and with Harper’s school residential trip coming up, she feels really guilty about leaving Minnie for five whole days. Luckily, the Puppy Clubbers are on hand to help – it’s time for Operation Home Alone!

Catherine Jacob lives in a very old, very noisy house in York where she tries to squeeze in as much story writing time as possible, in between looking after her three lovely (ever so slightly mischievous) children and occasionally appearing on TV reporting the news

From a young age Rachael Saunders has always loved to draw, so she feels extremely blessed to now have her hobby become a career. With a strong interest in the rich printed aesthetic of 1960’s children’s books, her work explores colour, shape and texture in a vibrant and humorous manner.

Book Review

I found the friendships in the story heartwarming

I have loved reading ‘Minnie Home Alone’ because I found the friendships in the story heartwarming.

As the story went on, I felt like I wanted to become part of the Puppy Club myself!

I’d recommend this book to children with a love for puppies because the story is full of them and their cute actions.

The illustrations by Rachael Saunders were incredible and helped me picture all of the puppies in my head. I liked how Catherine Jacob made the story so realistic and offered advice to anyone with a new puppy.

My favourite character was Minnie, she sounded very cute and I would like to cuddle her in real life!


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  • Name: Laila
  • Age: 8 years
  • Likes: Musical theatre, cheese and family holidays
  • Dislikes: Unfairness and littering
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