Kid’s Book Review: Molly and the Shipwreck

Kid’s Book Review: Molly and the Shipwreck

About the Book and Author

This lovely story describing how a refugee family arrives and is welcomed by a rural community is suitable for readers aged 4+ years. In common with the other books in the popular Molly series it is written by master storyteller Malachy Doyle, beautifully illustrated by Andrew Whitson and published by Graffeg.

In this heart-warming tale Molly, who lives on an island,  learns that her school is going to have to close because there aren’t enough children. One night there is an emergency when people are rescued from a  boat at sea. One family in particular, whose father is missing, is transferred to a refugee centre on the inland by the authorities. Molly is delighted when the family is eventually reunited, even more so when the family make their home on the island because there are children in the family, new friends to play with and the school doesn’t have to close after all!


Author portrait of Malachy Doyle

Malachy Doyle grew in Northern Ireland, and after living in Wales for many years has returned to Ireland. Malachy has had in excess of a hundred books published, ranging from pop-up books for toddlers to gritty teenage novels and everything in between! He has won many awards and his books have been translated into around thirty languages!

Andrew Whitson is an award-winning artist and Belfast native who lives in an old house nestled discreetly on the side of a misty hill, at the end of a magic wood, below an enchanted castle on the side of a giant’s nose. It is therefore no surprise his illustrations are so awesome given how much inspiration he must get from the view outside his window!

Book Review

It was sad when there were refugees coming to Molly's island, because that means it's not safe in their home country

This was a super book and it made me feel lots of things. First I was a bit confused because there was no shipwreck, but then I understood.

It was sad when there were refugees coming to Molly’s island, because that means it’s not safe in their home country.

But when Amina’s dad got to see his family again I felt happy, and when they got to live on the island, that was great.

My favourite part was when the school didn’t have to close down because they had 8 (and half!) children, I wouldn’t want my school to close.

The illustrations are really nice to look at too.


Mum says: I would definitely recommend this book to other children because it’s an important topic.

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