Kid’s Book Review: Monster Hunting for Beginners

Kid’s Book Review: Monster Hunting for Beginners

About the Book and Author

This is a funny, original story from a new author (Ian Mark) about monsters or rather monster hunting. The book includes lots of brilliant illustrations by Louis Ghibault and is published by Farshore. We recommend it to wanna-be monsters hunters of all ages, but think that those aged 7- 11 years will find the  desperate antics of Jack especially amusing.

Monster Hunting isn’t as easy as it looks. And Jack should know. Because an ogre has just appeared in his garden and tried to eat his aunt.
After (sort of accidentally) defeating the ogre, Jack finds himself apprenticed to a grumpy, 200-year-old monster hunter called Stoop and heading off to Cornwall, where more ogres are causing havoc. All he has are his wits, his catapult and a book called ‘Monster Hunting for Beginners’.

Jack’s a bit worried he might not be the hero everyone’s waiting for. But then again, how many terrifying, bloodthirsty monsters can there really be?
(Answer: ABSOLUTELY LOADS. And a bear called Humbert).

Monster Hunting for Beginners cover
Ian Mark author

Ian Mark  is an author and monster hunter who spends his time wrestling krakens, hypnotising bogeymen with an eyeball on a string of spaghetti, and writing about his adventures to entertain young monster hunters all around the world.

Ian lives in Northern Ireland with his family and lots of small, furry monsters or ‘cats’.

Book Review

I would like to read Jack’s book of 'Monster Hunting for Beginners' as I liked reading all the names of the different types of monsters and the facts about them

When I first saw this book I couldn’t wait to get started as the proof I received was sparkling gold and had scales like a dragon. I love monsters and I love drawing monsters. In this book the chapters are quite short and there are lots of illustrations to look at which I liked.

Jack is the main character and he is very brave in this story as he learns to be a monster hunter. I liked him and I really wanted him to be the winner. My favourite part is where Jack, Stoop (the monster hunter teacher) and Nancy (Jack’s friend) drink the Berserker Brew and turn into Ogres. There is a very funny picture on page 161. It made me laugh seeing them change into ogres (see a photo of the illustration below).

The story sometimes made me a bit worried that something bad was going to happen to Jack and we had to keep reading! I liked that Jack didn’t know what to do but he didn’t panic and he tried his best to help all the people.

I would like to read Jack’s book of ‘Monster Hunting for Beginners’ as I liked reading all the names of the different types of monsters and the facts about them. Giant Fartdoodles and The Crusted Hairy Snot Nibbler sound so funny.

I think that all boys and girls who like fairy tales and adventures would love this story.

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Matthew
  • Age: 8 Years
  • Likes: Minecraft, lego and drawing
  • Dislikes: baked beans and screaming
  • Favourite Book: Bad Dad By David Walliams
  • Favourite Song: Savage Love by Jason Derulo and Jawsh 685
  • Favourite Film: Star Wars