Kid’s Book Review: Monsters Bite Back

Kid’s Book Review: Monsters Bite Back

About the Book and Author

When the monsters start misbehaving it’s a monster hunter’s job to sort them out!
In their second adventure Jack, his best friend Nancy and Stoop (a grumpy, 200-year-old monster hunter) head up to Scotland after reports of some mysterious monsters causing chaos in an ancient abbey. And maybe they’ll even get a glimpse of Nessie!

But when they get there they find some obstacles in their path – whether that’s the fog goblins, disgruntled ghosts, some very odd loch monsters and even a rival monster hunting agency.

Ian Mark author

Ian Mark is an author and monster hunter who spends his time wrestling krakens, hypnotising bogeymen with an eyeball on a string of spaghetti, and writing about his adventures to entertain young monster hunters all around the world. His first book was Monster Hunting for Beginners.

Louis Ghibault is an illustrator and animator from Belgium. When he’s not doing art you will find him collecting books and botanical prints, or studying astronomy, botany, history, zoology and, of course, MONSTEROLOGY

Book Review

In three words I would say this book is adventurous, funny and imaginative!

I really enjoyed Monster Hunting, Monsters Bite Back. It was so funny and I especially loved the little footnotes because there were loads of them. One of the things that made me giggle was the clever nun names, my favourite was Nun of the Above. I liked how the nuns were really hospitable when they first arrived but once they realised that Jack knew that the lubbers (tiny goat monks) were not causing any problems the nuns turned very evil.

Stoop is my favourite character because he acts very serious and loves eating cabbage. It’s funny when Hatfield calls him Poop! The illustrations were well matched to the imagination of the writing and I enjoyed all the invented words like Hoo-Shank (which is a game which no one knows the rules to).

I would recommend this book for kids around 8-11 who enjoy lots of illustrations when they are reading.

In three words I would say this book is adventurous, funny and imaginative!

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Reviewer Profile

Jonah young reviewer
  • Name: Jonah
  • Age: 10 years
  • Likes: Watching YouTube, Lego and reading
  • Dislikes: Homework, chores and mushrooms
  • Favourite Book: Adventures on Trains by M.G.Leonard
  • Favourite Song: Wonderwall by Oasis
  • Favourite Film: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban