Kid’s Book Review: Monti & Leo

Kid’s Book Review: Monti & Leo

About the Book

Pocketville is a small town, set in its ways, and the arrival of a stranger causes a stir. Monti the mole is stunned one morning to find Leo the crocodile hogging his special reading rock.

When Monti visits the bakery and the library, he learns that the last cinnamon roll has been purchased, and the book he was waiting for has been checked out. What’s a fastidious mole to do?

When Monti confronts Leo, the newcomer turns out to be agreeable in the extreme, and friendship is a given. Now to convince the town’s cantankerous baker, Ms Sheep, to stop turning everyone against Leo. Together, Monti and Leo hatch a plot that will have Ms Sheep singing Leo’s praises in no time.

Sylvie Kantorovitz is an illustrator who lives in the US but grew up in France. Please visit her website to find out more about her work.


Book Review

I really, really liked reading this graphic novel

I really, really liked reading this graphic novel about a mole called Monti who lives a peaceful life in Pocketville.

One day, a newcomer named Leo arrives and agitates Monti! Once Monti got to know him, he finds out that Leo isn’t too bad. The happy friends go off to have lots of fun.

The pictures in this book are really good and I liked the characters too.

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Felix
  • Age: 9 years
  • Likes: Lego, Mario-Kart and roller-skating
  • Dislikes: tomatoes and school dinners
  • Favourite Book: Revenge of the Baby-Sat by Calvin and Hobbes
  • Favourite Song : I am a Gummi Bear by Gummibar
  • Favourite Film: Harry Potter and the Prince of Azkaban