Kid’s Book Review: More Peas Please!

Kid’s Book Review: More Peas Please!

About the Book and Author / Illustrator

The striking bright blue and green cover of this picture book depicting little Milo brandishing a fork like a roman soldier carrying a spear, begs it to be picked up.

Using a rich descriptive language to describe his dislike of peas Milo is an articulate and imaginative anti-veg protester.

“They’re too GREEN! Greener than a stinky, swampy pond, greener than a giant dragon, greener than a fleet of space-sick aliens.”

However, if you read on you will see that is sister is a persuasive advocate for the pea. Will she persuade Milo to eat them?

Tom McLaughlin

Tom McLaughlin is an author illustrator who graduated from Falmouth College of Art and worked as a political cartoonist for The Western Morning News for a number of years. Since going freelance he has been an animation designer for a number of TV shows, as well as an occasional columnist for The Guardian online. He started in the world of children’s publishing by illustrating other people’s books before turning his hand to writing. Check out his other books on his website.

Book Review

the story is about two friends having tea together, which I like

I like this book about peas. The pictures are funny and I like that peas can make me strong!

The book is colourful and the story is about two friends having tea together, which I like.

I think people who would like this book are people who like fun pictures and grown ups who want their kids to eat more peas!

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Lowri
  • Age: 3 years and 9 months
  • Likes: oranges and blackberries, hugging trees and baking
  • Dislikes: The noise of hand-dryers and cucumber
  • Favourite Book: The Pirates Next Door by Johnny Duddle
  • Favourite Film: Bluey