Kid’s Book Review: More Than Peach

Kid’s Book Review: More Than Peach

About the Book, Author and Illustrator

This picture book should be in every pre-school and EYFS setting as a reminder that peach does not describe everyone’s skin tone.  A whole range of coloured crayons can be described as ‘skin-colour’.

With colourful illustrations by Fanny Liem More Than Peach spreads Bellen’s message of inclusivity, empowerment, and the importance of inspiring future generations.

Bellen Woodard, aged 8 years old, created the More Than Peach Project and crayons with every single kid in mind to transform the crayon industry and grow the way we see our world and she has done just that. This book helps to spread the message about being a pioneer and has inspiring tips about becoming a leader to improve your community just like she did!

More than Peach cover
Bellen Woodard

Bellen Woodard imagined and is the pioneer of the “all skin colour” multicultural crayons that influenced even the biggest brand and an industry to follow.
Though colouring and some crayons had been around for decades, so had “the skin color” and “flesh” language. Bellen, hoping to grow spaces, decided it was time to take things in a direction every single kid could celebrate– and create a product with heart from the heart–for all. Her solution, innovation, compassion, empathy and her More than Peach crayons have forever changed the “skin colour” language and positively impacted our world. Visit to find out more about this important project.

Born and raised in Indonesia, Fanny Liem has always loved to draw. Her passion for storytelling and illustration started with her introduction to picture books, which were often gifts from her uncle. Fanny recently decided to make her hobby a career, and she is now following her dream as a full-time children’s book illustrator. When she is not drawing, you can find her watching movies and/or listening to country music.

Book Review

She has an important message that we all look different and this is okay

Mum’s Opinion – More Than Peach is an inspiring book with a powerful message by crayon activist Bellen Woodard. At school, Bellen’s friends want to colour their pictures and ask for the ‘skin-colour crayon’ and instead of always passing the peach crayon, Bellen teaches her friends that skin can be any number of beautiful colours even brown like hers. It is so important to have books like this to address our different skin colours and that we need to celebrate our diversity. I hope my son can teach his friends about his Indian heritage in future and be an advocate for positive change like Bellen in his community.

Theo’s Opinion – Bellen is clever and I like her wanting to change the world with crayons. She has an important message that we all look different and this is okay. I love the pictures, they are colourful and big. I really like this book as it is a true story that we can all make a difference.

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  • Name: Theo
  • Age: 3 years
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