Kid’s Book Review: Mouse & Mole – The Secret of Happiness

Kid’s Book Review: Mouse & Mole – The Secret of Happiness

About the Book and Author

From the creative duo behind Mouse & Mole, Joyce Dunbar and James Mayhew, this book contains a trilogy of charming stories about these endearing characters. This collection has a theme of friendship and will charm the adults reading the stories as much as the children listening in. The Secret to Happiness is published by Graffeg, on whose website you can look up the other titles in this whimsical series.

The Secret of Happiness Mole dreams that he finds the secret of happiness and wakes a grumpy Mouse to tell him, but then Mole instantly forgets! Mole spends all day trying to remember, bringing Mouse and all their friends to join his search, but will he manage to discover the secret again?
This Way and That Mole sets off for a walk going this way and that, but Mouse keeps asking him to run errands for him. But why is Mouse making Mole run these seemingly useless errands, and will Mole ever be able to go for his care-free wander?
A Good Read Mouse and Mole sit down for a good read, but Mole can’t stop fidgeting and distracting Mouse. Whether it’s finding a place to sit, having hiccups, itching and scratching or yawning, Mole just can’t stay still.

Mouse and Mole _Happiness cover
Joyce Dunbar and James Mayhew

Joyce Dunbar is best known for her lively and quirky picture books stories, with their wide emotional range. The Guardian has named her as ‘one of the best writers for children today’ with praise for her ‘sensitivity, lyrical style and gentle humour’. She revels in the joy of language, the playfulness of words, and in seeing her work fabulously brought to life by world-class illustrators including her daughter Polly Dunbar. Many of her stories have been dramatised for the stage and as puppet shows, with Longnosepuppets and Norwich Puppet Theatre.

James Mayhew is an acclaimed illustrator, author, concert presenter and storyteller. His publications with Graffeg include The Knight Who Took All Day (adapted as a work for narrator and orchestra by Bernard Hughes), the Gaspard series with Zeb Soanes, Koshka’s Tales – Stories from Russia and illustrations for the Mouse and Mole series by Joyce Dunbar, animated for television with the voices of Alan Bennett and Richard Briers. He is also the creator of the Katie art books and Ella Bella Ballerina series.

Here is our kids’s review of Mouse & Mole – A Fresh Start.

Book Review

I think the secret to happiness is being nice to your friends

I liked the illustrations they look like they’ve been done with colouring pencils and they are detailed.

I like the characters as they are serious and funny at the same time, they are also a bit silly.

I loved all three stories because they’re all different.

I think the secret to happiness is being nice to your friends.

Thank you for giving me this book.

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Oscar
  • Age: 5 years
  • Likes: apples, football and chess
  • Dislikes: broccoli and spiders
  • Favourite Book: listening to Mum and Dad reading Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
  • Favourite Song: Fields of Gold by Sting