Kid’s Book Review: My Brilliant Plan to Fix Everything

Kid’s Book Review: My Brilliant Plan to Fix Everything

About the Book and Author

For readers aged 10-14 years who enjoy funny books set in a modern world, where life is far from perfect, this story by Ben Davis could be the right book for you!

This summer, 12-year-old Alex is taking over his dad’s postal delivery job. What could go wrong? In order to get his family back together, Alex comes up with a brilliant plan: if Dad finally writes the novel he’s always talked about, he’ll be happier again and his parents will fall back in love. But several things go wrong for Alex and the masterplan looks as though it is not going to work….

My Brilliant Plan to Fix Everything

Ben Davis writes funny books for older children and teenagers. His first book, The Private Blog of Joe Cowley series has been hailed as a Wimpy Kid for a new generation.

He has also written standalone books for younger readers, like the supervillain tale, Danny Dread, and the critically acclaimed My Embarrassing Dad’s Gone Viral.


Book Review

I liked that it had a happy ending

I think this book would be best for older children than me, maybe 9+ because it was a bit complicated for me and there weren’t any pictures.

Some bits were funny and at the end it was exciting but a bit scary. I liked that it had a happy ending.

My favourite character was a girl called Willow. She lives on a boat and is brave. This book would suit readers who like books about things that could happen in real life.

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Max
  • Age: 8 years
  • Likes: Food, skateboarding and Tae Kwando
  • Dislikes: People shouting at me and my sister annoying me
  • Favourite Book: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Diper Overlode by Jeff Kinney
  • Favourite Film: Jurassic Park- The Lost World