Kid’s Book Review: My Dog, Hen

Kid’s Book Review: My Dog, Hen

About the Book

From illustrator David Macintosh is a story about an adorable mixed-breed puppy called Hen, who is brought to the narrator’s home from a rescue centre in a cardboard box. The story of Hen’s antics is told in the voice of a young boy.

As you would expect from David, this story is beautifully illustrated in a quirky collage style. If you have time to watch the clip below you’ll get a peek of the inside pages.

Our young reviewer Ila and her mum enjoyed the humour in the story and its message about being more imaginative about creative up-cycling instead of always reaching for brand new stuff.


My Dog, Hen

David Mackintosh

David Mackintosh designs books and other objects, but mostly he enjoys making things and having them printed. He has worked widely in book publishing as designer and art director, collaborating with authors, illustrators and photographers. He writes and illustrates his own picture books, and illustrate other texts too. To find out more about his work visit

Click on this link to watch a clip showing David at work and hear him talking about this book.

Book Review

Did you say Hen, Mummy? A dog called Hen?

For a while now we have been seeking, as a family, a slower pace to life, a less consumptive approach to living; reducing, reusing and recycling what we already have and so the arrival of this book could not have been more timely.

Instantly captivated by the rather odd title “Did you say Hen, Mummy? A dog called Hen?” Ila listened attentively as we learned about this family’s adoption of a little but destructive dog and their creative approach to reusing dog toys!

Ila enjoyed the book exclaiming “That’s a funny dog!…it makes me think of Grandma’s dog.” She then went on to notice further similarities “Grandma kind of reuses dog toys too…when she gets teddies from the charity shop for her dog to chew up!” “And she knits like the Gran in the book, ‘cos she said she’s going to make me some teddies for Christmas!”

It is such a lovely, fun introduction to living more frugally. Thank you

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Ila
  • Age: 5 years
  • Likes: Strawberries and ice-cream
  • Dislikes: Chilli and onions
  • Favourite Movie: Sing
  • Favourite Song: The Fairy Song
  • Favourite Book: The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter