Kid’s Book Review: My Robot’s Gone Wild

Kid’s Book Review: My Robot’s Gone Wild

About the Book and Author

This is the fourth title in the funny series of books by Dave Cousins about a brother and sister’s adventures with their chaos-causing robot babysitter.

(It does not matter if you have not already read the other books which are also illustrated in black and white by Catalina Echeverri and published by Little Tiger Press.)

Jake and Jess are on their way to Scotland to visit their robot Robin, who’s been hiding out near a remote loch with Grandma – his creator.

Robin now spends most of his time camouflaged in bushes and can light a fire with a click of his fingers – he’s gone worryingly wild!

However, when Grandma ropes the trio into a plan to catch a local gang of thieves in the act, it looks like Robin’s new skills might just save the day…



My Robot's Gone Wild
Dave Cousins

Dave’s short story ‘The Floodlight Man’ was broadcast on BBC Radio Five Live, and an extract from FIFTEEN DAYS WITHOUT A HEAD was one of the winning stories featured in the SCBWI Undiscovered Voices Anthology in 2010. He is the author of the CHARLIE MERRICK series and WAITING FOR GONZO. Visit his website to download the first three audiobooks in this funny series of robot stories.

Catalina Echeverri  studied graphic design and children’s book illustration in Milan and Cambridge. She is originally from Bogota, Colombia but now lives in the UK. Visit her website to check out the other children’s books she has illustrated.

Book Review

This is a funny adventure where everyone is disguised as something else!

I enjoyed reading this book. I liked how the Grandma was an inventor, because it shows that anyone can be an inventor!

There are people called rustlers who take highland cows. In this story they are called “Beasties”.

Robin the robot, the main characters Jake and Jess, and their friends are trying to stop them.

Grandma and Granny Anderson are in a submarine that is disguised as a water dragon and are keeping watch in the lake.

This is a funny adventure where everyone is disguised as something else!

I did enjoy it, but because I am now aged 8 I think I would have enjoyed it even more if I had read it when I was a couple of years younger.

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