Kid’s Book Review: Nano

Kid’s Book Review: Nano

About the Book and Author

This non-fiction book for readers aged six years and above contains wonderful colourful illustrations and clear examples so children can understand the applicability and usefulness of scientific discoveries to our everyday lives. It is published by Walker Books.

Everything is made from something – but the way we make things, from the materials we use to the science and technology involved, is changing fast. Nano offers a fascinating narrative introduction to this cutting-edge area of STEM, better known by the name “nanotechnology”.

With words by Dr Jess Wade – a highly skilled physicist and trailblazing campaigner for diversity in STEM fields – and beautiful, dynamic pictures by award-winning artist Melissa Castrillon, this is the perfect book for budding young scientists and engineers. You can watch her talking about her mission to encourage more women to follow careers in science.

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Dr Jess Wade

Dr Jess Wade is a physicist. She is a researcher at Imperial College London and I work on new materials for light-emitting diodes.

Outside of research, on evenings and at weekends, she advocates for marginalised groups in science – those who have been historically underrepresented, primarily through Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a phenomenal platform for sharing knowledge which is used by millions of people around the world. She wants the information on the encyclopaedia to be as up-to-date, exciting and representative as it can be.

Book Review

My favourite page was page 11 because it talked about the elements in human body it is fascinating.

This book is amazing!

The pictures were incredible and they helped make the information clearer.

My favourite page was page 11 because it talked about the elements in human body it is fascinating.

I hope they really can help blind people. I learnt a lot for example there is a material so thin yet so strong an elephant could walk on it!

This book shows that science is useful and fun to learn.

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