Kid’s Book Review: Nightfall in New York

Kid’s Book Review: Nightfall in New York

About the Book and Author

This is the final mystery in the Taylor & Rose Secret Agents series of adventures written by Katherine Woodfine. These detective stories are set in the Edwardian era and whilst they are fictitious they give a real sense of time and place that anyone aged 9-13 years, who enjoys reading historical fiction, will love. Fans of detective stories will appreciate the twists and turning of this thrilling concluding episode. To quote our young reviewer, “It is a real page-turner.”

Having already travelled to Paris, St Petersburg and Venice top secret agents, Sophie Taylor and Lil Rose have now set sail to New York City on an elegant ocean liner, ready to face their enemies and settle old scores. As with the other books in the series the glossy cover and black and white illustrations inside the story are the work of artist Karl James Mountford.


Nightfall in New York
Katherine Woodfine author portrait

Katherine Woodfine is a true champion of children’s literature. Until 2015 she was Arts Project Manager for Booktrust, where she project-managed the Children’s Laureateship and YALC, the UK’s first Young Adult Literature Convention, curated by Malorie Blackman. She was part of the founding team at Down the Rabbit Hole, a monthly show for Resonance FM discussing children’s literature. You can find out more about Katherine’s other books by visiting her website.

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Book Review

This book is a real page-turner, a secret agent adventure to rival that of Murder Most Unladylike

Nightfall in New York by Katherine Woodfine is a book about a group of detectives on a mission to stop a sinister criminal gang called the Fraternitas. This book takes you on unexpected twists and turns, creating an accurate yet imaginative depiction of life before the first world war.

This story takes you on a thrilling adventure to save a friend from the Fraternitas and thwart their villainous plans. This mystery will take them everywhere, from luxurious ocean liners and exquisite hotels to comfortable bookshops and exhilarating amusement parks on a quest to outsmart their dangerous foe.

This book is a real page-turner, a secret agent adventure to rival that of Murder Most Unladylike. I would recommend this book to over 11-year-olds, perhaps also including some younger detective fans as well.

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Junior Reviewer Margaret
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