Kid’s Book Review: Nina Peanut

Kid’s Book Review: Nina Peanut

About the Book

Nina Peanut – super-star in the making, frozen pizza chef, creative genius, owner of the world’s stinkiest cat.  Nina Peanut creates videos and dreams about being as popular as class queen bee Megan Dunne, who makes unamazing films of her pampered dog, Princess Trixie Bell.

When Nina’s stinky cat Les wanders into one of Megan’s videos by accident, and it goes viral, Nina and Les are suddenly internet famous!
But is overnight stardom as wonderful as Nina always imagined it would be?

Sarah Bowie is an author and illustrator based in Waterford City, Ireland. Since 2015, she has published four books for children. Sarah is passionate about visual language and delivers a range of workshops in schools, colleges and libraries, including: Comics-making, visual storytelling, sketchnoting (for learning & the workplace) and doodling for wellbeing.

Book Review

To have a letter at the start of the book was a brilliant idea

As soon as I saw this book I instantly thought it would be AMAZING. I love how much effort and detail Sarah Bowie put on the front cover. Even my mum said it looked like a great book.
To have a letter at the start of the book was a brilliant idea. The letter itself is super because it has lots of detail. I like the way Sarah Bowie put some information in from Nina and some from herself.

The book was quite interesting but there were bits that I thought were a bit disgusting like ‘how not to step in poo’ and where it says the bird will do a poo. Some children might like this and find it funny but I didn’t.

Nina Peanut was only bothered about making ‘non-stupid’ videos and getting views. I thought Megan’s character was very bossy and mean but then she becomes friends with Nina. My favourite part was the first bit when Mr Harrison told Nina off. My least favourite bits were about poo and stuff like that.

I think I would like it better if this book wasn’t a comic because I prefer to read stories with regular text. But I think other people would disagree with me and really like the artwork.

It says that it is super funny, but I’m sorry to say it just wasn’t for me. To be fair, I feel the book is just the right length and if you like jokes about poo I’m sure you will love reading it!

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Emaan
  • Age: 7 years
  • Likes: swimming, crafts, and fun fairs
  • Dislikes: bananas and spiders
  • Favourite Book: The Secret Seven by Enid Blyton
  • Favourite Film: The Bad Guys
  • Favourite Song: We Don't Talk About Bruno (from Encanto)