Kid’s Book Review: Olly Brown, God of Hamsters

Kid’s Book Review: Olly Brown, God of Hamsters

About the Book and Author

Olly Brown is hamster obsessed, but he never gets to take home the Year 6 class hamster. His dad won’t allow any pets. But then the most amazing thing happens: a hamster shows up in Olly’s house anyway! And the hamster seems smart.

This new hamster, Tibbles, is in awe of Olly, and it turns out Tibbles is one of many: there’s a whole civilization of super-advanced, intelligent hamsters who seem to be worshipping Olly … as a god?

Beth Walker author

Bethany Walker grew up in North Lincolnshire. She worked as a primary school teacher and a museum educator before writing children’s books. her first book was Chocolate Milk,  X-Ray Specs and Me! and she is also the author of How to Steal the Mona Lisa

Jack Noel is an author, illustrator and designer of children’s books. He has worked as a cover designer for Walker Books and Simon & Schuster and illustrated How to Steal the Mona Lisa (see above).


Book Review

The theme of this story is quite light-hearted and funny in the way that it is presented as I was hooked by page 10!

In this story Olly Brown is the main character while Stan (Olly’s best friend) and Olly’s dad pose as side characters.
Olly has always wanted to take care of his class hamster pet called Sharon, but his dad won’t let him.
When a different hamster shows up in his class (not Sharon) and he takes “it” home.
Then an army of hamsters shows up and they bow to him and one even faints!

These hamsters arrived at earth on a space ship that was secretly sent to destroy planet earth. These hamsters couldn’t get back to their colonies as their space ship would explode.
One hamster by the name Tibbles has a black box which he uses to communicate with Olly. However, this box malfunctions.
In this story they talk about Tibbles writing to his colonies and them writing back.

In the ending Olly has to throw the leavers party all by himself and get the hamsters back to the colonies on the same day (with his dad and Stan’s help).
Ollie must brainstorm ideas as the 1st in command hamster called Hugh decided to chicken out and Ollie is left with responsibility of getting the hamsters back to their colonies.
He decides to arrange a hamster themed leavers party as he is in hamster class.
These hamster colonies come from space and Olly’s dad made them, but they think Olly did as they both looked very similar when they were younger.

At the same time with fireworks to disguise his dads space module (there was a copy of his space module at the school so he secretly took it) they shoot them into the sky with the hamsters in the space module to get them back to their colonies. In a major twist the evil talking hamster who wants to destroy planet earth is captured.

The theme of this story is quite light-hearted and funny in the way that it is presented as I was hooked by page 10!
I would recommend it to someone who wants a pet, someone who is in year six (as Olly is in year 6) or someone who likes hamsters. Or, someone who likes animals.
Overall, this is an amazing book and I really enjoyed it a wide variety of people would enjoy this book as well.




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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Tobi
  • Age: 11 years
  • Likes: Swimming, high jumps and video games
  • Dislikes: Spiteful people and housework!
  • Favourite Book: Danger Gang by Tom Fletcher