Kid’s Book Review: Pinch Perkins and the Midsummer Curse

Kid’s Book Review: Pinch Perkins and the Midsummer Curse

About the Book and Author

Twelve-year-old Pinch Perkins lives on Tricky Dragon Lane, deep in the heart of London’s magical quarter. But when her mum is struck by a curse, and nobody seems to have a clue what to do, Pinch knows it’s down to her to find a cure.

Racing the clock on Midsummer’s Eve, Pinch will face the terrifying boss of the Thames Mudlarks, dance with the devious fairy king and queen and share a burger with King Arthur’s knights … all while trying to avoid the clutches of two fearsome villains out to SQUISH her!

Cathy FitzGerald

Cathy FitzGerald is a writer and documentary-maker. She’s a regular contributor to BBC Radio 4, 3 and the World Service as presenter and producer, making programmes on subjects including magic carpets, love letter ghost-writing and why we like looking at blue sky. Her documentaries have won many prizes, including Arias, Third Coast Festival and Whicker’s World. Radio Times called her ‘one of radio’s most original’ creators. She has a DPhil in the work of Charles Dickens. Pinch Perkins and the Midsummer Curse is her first novel.


Book Review

I got a bit carried away in my mind when reading it!

The story starts on a a hot sunny day on Tricky Dragon Lane and readers learn that someone had been cursing magical Londoners into an enchanted coma known as sleeping beauty curse.

Pinch Perkins is the hero of the story.  There is a race against time for Pinch Perkins, and her friends Henry and Ernest, to save everyone from the curse.

The book is very adventurous and magical fairytale-like and enchanting.  The book made me feel happy when I was reading it.

I was very excited and really couldn’t put it down because it’s such an easy read and very, very interesting! I got a bit carried away in my mind when reading it. I could just imagine what was going on in the story in real life.

The book contains some lovely illustrations and diagrams. The chapters are set out really lovely and the illustrations work well with the text, which I found clear to read.

The story ends with a teaser and I really can’t wait to read the waiting sequel.

I couldn’t put the book down and then I came to the end. I’m so excited to see that was going to be a sequel!

I think this book is for readers aged eight years upwards.


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