Kid’s Book Review: Pirate Space Bears

Kid’s Book Review: Pirate Space Bears

About the Book and Author

Young children will enjoy this space adventure story featuring pirate bears with lots of action which ticks just about every toddler’s box of things to include in a story!

Jamie and Abby are bored, and bored. Dad, trying to work from his dining table office, has no choice but to entertain them with a story – a Space Pirate Bear story!

Space Pirate Bears cover

Alastair Chisholm is a children’s author of several books including the Dragon Storm series (Nosy Crow).


Book Review

I could imagine myself in the story too

Theo’s opinion – I loved the Alien Broccoli in the story trying to hit the Cosmic Witch Bogwart. The space pirate bears in the story were great as they caught Doktor Drab and they made the world fun again. The pictures were big and colourful and I could imagine myself in the story too.

Mum’s Opinion – An imaginative book where a Dad working at home invents a space pirate bears story to entertain his children. It involved lots of amusing characters such as Cosmic Witch Bogwart, Alien Broccoli, Doktor Drab and unicorns and at the end the space pirate bears save the day. We enjoyed all the colourful pictures in the book and there was so much action in the story which made it fun.


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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Theo
  • Age: 4 years
  • Likes: ice-cream, swimming and Tiger (cuddly toy)
  • Dislikes: being dirty
  • Favourite Book: Dogs in Disguise by Peter Bently
  • Favourite TV Show: Hey Duggee
  • Favourite Song: Sleeping Bunnies