Kid’s Book Review: Race to Imagination Island

Kid’s Book Review: Race to Imagination Island

About the Book and Author

The first book in a new adventure series by Mel Taylor-Besset, Race to Imagination Island involves a competition to select four children to be named the new Protectors of Imagination Island. Children all over the world scour the globe in search of lightstreams (portals) to the magical island where anything they imagine comes to life.

To become a Protector, they must compete in teams and complete a series of challenges to prove they have what it takes.

Mel Taylor-Bessent is the author of The Christmas Carrolls, a fun-filled, festive series that focuses on spreading cheer 365 days a year. Her new series, Race to Imagination Island, is a fast-paced adventure series that focuses on the unlimited power of our imaginations.

Alessandro D’Urso describes himself as an Italian who loves to draw.

Book Review

This book is why I love to read

This book is why I love to read.

Who would have thought the shy boy always picked last for everything and scared of everything would be the one who cast the final imagine to get all the teams to the top of the mountain? It just shows you, you can do anything if you believe in yourself.

It was nice Luca had a true friend in Greyson even though they were not on the same team.

The illustrations are cool because they don’t have any colour so you can use your own imagination to see what they look like. It felt like I was part of the race using my own imagination on Imagination Island

I can’t wait for the second book to come out another epic adventure with only their imagination to play tricks on them but also to save them.

I would highly recommend this book to boys and girls


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