Kid’s Book Review: Reek

Kid’s Book Review: Reek

About the Book and Author

Climate catastrophe leaves the people of Earth fighting for oxygen in this gripping dystopian thriller from bestselling sci-fi author Alastair Chisholm.

Reek, a deadly mist tiptoeing across the globe, suffocating each and every one of the innocent oxygen breathing beings. As it grows and spreads like a pollution epidemic, citizens across the globe try to find a cure or just a lungful of pure air to breathe, before it’s too late.

A multi-millionaire nerd, Axel Brodie, finally comes up with a way to purify the Reeky air, allowing thousands of people to breathe; but it comes at a heavy cost.

Alastair Chisholm is a puzzle creator and the author of the sci-fi adventures Orion Lost, Adam-2, and The Consequence Girl, the Dragon Storm series of young fantasy novels, and picture books The Prince and the Witch and the Thief and the Bears and Inch and Grub.

Book Review

Futuristic, fantastic and full of fun

This story is based on a young girl called Sparrow, in futuristic Edinburgh, she has no choice but to work every day, delivering signed and unsigned packages in order to provide for her family. She can’t go to school because she failed her exams, her younger sister has a chance, but she doesn’t take it seriously enough-life is so unfair! Sparrow’s ever growing knot of frustration is constantly getting tighter, she wants to go to school! Not have to worry about paying for air! Be able to eat real food for dinner!

The only friend she has is a middle aged woman, Miriam Fenn, a tech genius and the only person that doesn’t treat Sparrow like a baby. They laugh and make fun of each other letting their worries float away for at least a few minutes, like teenage best friends. One day, Sparrow returns to Miriam’s home, a warehouse, but there are orange flames reaching high into the orangy-brown sky! FIRE! Will Sparrow grant revenge and reveal hidden truths? Well join in the fight for the right to breathe free!

Futuristic, fantastic and full of fun. The story line flows really smoothly and it goes straight to the action. I gasped at parts and giggled at points. It’s mischievous and unnerving, but overall a spectacular read.

I opened the first page and already it was so easily relatable, I could depict scenes as if I was there with her because of the precise and detailed description. Although it is based so far into the future, it is not hard to imagine it actually happening. The modern world is complicated and very difficult to comprehend sometimes, but just think of having to pay for oxygen, absolutely CRAZY!

I loved this book so much, I recommend it to everyone. I found this book a sort of awareness about climate change, which was really poignant, and extremely important especially now-a-days. I think this book is open to any age range, but of course depending on the reading age of the buyer it would be around 9 to 13.


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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Piper
  • Age: 12 years
  • Likes: Animals, swimming and travel
  • Dislikes: Horror movies and pickled gherkins
  • Favourite Book: Pig Heart by Malorie Blackman
  • Favourite Song: Gold Rush Kids by George Ezra
  • Favourite Film: The Hunger Games