Kid’s Book Review: Richard Scarry’s ABC Word Book

Kid’s Book Review: Richard Scarry’s ABC Word Book

About the Book and Author

Richard Scarry is one of the most loved children’s illustrators of all time. This is one of four internationally bestselling titles that was unavailable in the UK until this year.

Now Faber is proud to be introducing these popular educational books to a new generation of readers and as you can see from the review of the mother of 2 year old Dylan,  it is a book that has timeless appeal and the capacity to entertain and educate Generation Alpha.

This book is a fun way for a child to learn their ABCs with Richard Scarry and his friends! Parents can also use the pictures to introduce new vocabulary and talk about colours and vehicles and what the animals are busy doing.

Each double page spread is packed with words starting or finishing or including a specific letter of the alphabet. The letters are highlighted in bright pink to emphasise the learning point. It’s busy and it’s bright and it makes learning your alphabet fun. This book will be available from 4th March 2021.


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Richard Scarry (1919-1994) is unquestionably one of the most-loved children’s illustrators of all time. He wrote and illustrated more than 250 books which have gone on to sell over 150 million copies globally.

Scarry, who was  born in Boston, USA and moved to Switzerland in 1968, once wrote: ‘It’s a precious thing to be communicating to  children, helping them discover the gift of language and thought. I’m happy to be doing it.’ 

You can find out more about him and the work that his son Huck is continuing to do on this website here.

Book Review

It’s a fantastic book for super young readers as there’s so much to learn and it’s a book that he can grow with

My two year old son absolutely loves this book.

The colourful and detailed illustrations have been captivating along with the story-telling captions and descriptive words.

At present, he is loving cars and he has been choosing this book as there are so many different types of cars in the book!

We have been able to go through the different type of vehicles eg. fire truck, ambulance, ice cream van and use it to learn more colours.

He’s also still a bit obsessed with Pumpkins from Halloween so when he spotted the two pumpkins he was super happy!

It’s a fantastic book for super young readers as there’s so much to learn and it’s a book that he can grow with.

Whether the child is obsessed with animals, planes, cars, there’s something for every interest.

This book is going to be one that I know we will often be reading together – I can already tell!

Written by Dylan’s Mum


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Reviewer Profile

Dylan - young reviewer
  • Name: Dylan
  • Age: 2 years
  • Likes: books, Play-Doh and playing with sand and water
  • Dislikes: being annoyed by the dog and being indoors all day
  • Favourite Film: Once upon a Snowman
  • Favourite Song: Hey Duggee - The Stick Song