Kid’s Book Review: Santiago Saw Things Differently

Kid’s Book Review: Santiago Saw Things Differently

About the Book

This is the illustrated story of Santiago Ramón y Cajal, who discovered the secrets of the nervous system and known as the Father or Neuroscience.

Santiago always loved drawing. With chalk or charcoal, he could create bullfights on walls, and sail ships across doorways. But his father wanted Santiago to be a doctor, not an artist, so Santiago had to paint in secret. Until, one night, he and his father slipped into an abandoned graveyard to look for skeletons, and Santiago realised that the human body was a work of art too.

Santiago Saw Things Differently
Christine Iverson

Christine Iverson is the author of this book

Luciano Lozano is the artist who did the amazing illustrations.


Book Review

The illustrations are phenomenal

The illustrations are phenomenal and you could tell that lots of time had been put into them but the book was about a topic that is suitable for older children.

I would say that this books is best read maybe by parents to children so parents can explain more challenging words to their children.

The style of the book was probably for children that were a little younger than me but the topic was complex so I was a bit confused about whether I was the right age to read it.

At the end there are lovely photos from real life as this is a true story about the life of “father of neuroscience” Santiago Ramón y Cajal.

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