Kid’s Book Review: Scotland

Kid’s Book Review: Scotland

About the Book and Author

This non-fiction book introduces readers to the rich culture and fascinating history of Scotland. Discover everything that makes Scotland so special – from its iconic landmarks to its magical myths and spooky ghost stories, from its bloody battles and its rich culture … and everything in between.

Written by a Scot (Chae Strathie) featuring the work of six Scottish illustrators this celebration of their country is an informative and well-designed book that is perfect for anyone interested in knowing more about Scotland.


Chae Strathie

Chae Strathie is an award-winning children’s author and journalist who grew up in a tiny village surrounded by a forest in Scotland, which he thinks may explain a lot!

Sections of this book are illustrated by  some of Scotland’s top illustrators as follows:
The Story of Scotland – Hazel Dunn
City and Country – Jill Calder
Warring Scotland – Catriona Phillips
Haunted Scotland – Helen Kellock
Legendary Scotland – Lauren Morsley
The Culture of Scotland – by Katie Smith


Book Review

It is full of jokes and funny illustrations and is really fun to read

I enjoyed reading Scotland, it is like a map of Scotland but in words and colourful pictures. It is full of jokes and funny illustrations and is really fun to read.
My favourite chapter is haunted Scotland because I love unsettling and creepy stories and pictures. I enjoyed the translations for Gaelic and Scots, it was fun seeing what they meant and having a go at saying them with my family, this made us laugh a lot!

I have visited Scotland lots of times on holiday and this book will be excellent to take with me next time we go. There are lots of facts in this book about the history of Scotland which is good for history lovers like me.

I would love to visit all the interesting places in real life.
I would recommend this to anyone that wants to know more about Scotland and loves history.

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