Kid’s Book Review: Seven Sisters

Kid’s Book Review: Seven Sisters

About the Book and Author

This inclusive picture book is about families, showing how every member is different and has a unique contribution to make. Its message about valuing each other’s differences applies to communities and friendship groups too. It also shows that tensions and misunderstandings can sometimes arise, but they can be resolved when we respect another’s perspective and individuality.

Written by Ayisha Malik, with stunning full colour illustrations from Erika Meza it is about seven sisters and their home in a tree! The story has a magical otherworldly dimension to it that young readers will enjoy as much as they will have fun identifying  the different qualities each character possesses, comparing the sisters with themselves and their friends. It is published by Little Tiger Press.

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Ayisha Malik

Ayisha Malik is a former publicist at Penguin Random House, turned managing editor at Cornerstones Literary Consultancy, turned full-time writer. My debut novel, Sofia Khan is not Obliged, and its sequel, The Other Half of Happiness, (Zaffre), were dubbed as the ‘Muslim Bridget Jones.’ My latest novel, This Green and Pleasant Land, (Zaffre) is out now. I’ve also contributed to the anthology, A Change is Gonna Come, (Stripes Publishing), and upcoming collection, A Match Made in Heaven, (Hope Road Publishing). Also known for ghost-writing Great British Bake Off winner, Nadiya Hussain’s, adult books.

Erika Meza is a Mexican Migrant: colourful, bubbly, and a taco connoisseur. After studying graphic design back home (and moving house nearly 30 times) she lived in a dungeon with a princess in Paris to attend the Illustration (Image Imprimée) program at ENSAD. She now lives in the UK and works with ink, gouaches and watercolour pencils as an author and illustrator.

Book Review

I liked the message about friendship and that even if you don’t always get along you can still work together to help each other

This book is about seven sisters who live in the woods and all have a different talent, like gymnastics, engineering, art and music. One day an enormous tree appears in the wood. Each sister thinks that they should have it more than the others. The sisters are all really good friends, but when the tree appears they get torn apart. A big storm comes and it destroys all of their houses and they have to become friends again to work together to rebuild their forest treehouses. I liked the message about friendship and that even if you don’t always get along you can still work together to help each other.

The part of this book that I liked the best was at the beginning when the sisters are introduced and finding out all of their different talents. My favourite sister is Amelia. I like her the best because her talent is gymnastics, and that she was able to flip and slip through tough places to get the materials to her sisters when they were rebuilding their treehouses.

The illustrations in this book are amazing. I loved being able to see the expressions on all the sisters faces. I also used the pictures as inspiration to design my own personal treehouse.

Even though this is a picture book I think lots of different ages would like it. It has a really kind message about working together and supporting each other.

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