Kid’s Book Review: Shadowghast

Kid’s Book Review: Shadowghast

About the Book and Author

This is the third book in the Eerie-on-Sea series of fantasy mysteries stories for readers aged 7-11 years written by Thomas Taylor and published by Walker Books. Our young reviewer recommends reading the first books in the trilogy so you understand the characters’ backstories  when you read this one. You can order them direct from the publisher   here.

A mysterious stage magician has set up in the theatre at the end of the pier, with an act so hypnotic and strange that Herbie Lemon and his friend Violet Parma suspect dark forces are at work. Meanwhile, folk are disappearing from Eerie-on-Sea, and no one knows why. There is an Eerie legend that goes back to the dawn of time, about a creature made of darkness that devours the shadows of the living. But could the Shadowghast really have returned?

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Thomas Taylor author

Thomas Taylor has written a number of books for children including Malamander, Gargantis and a number of picture books for younger readers. He is also responsible for the paperback illustration of the first paperback edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K.Rowling. Visit his website to find out more about his books and future comic book project with Marcus Sedgwick.

Book Review

I think that fans of the previous books will really enjoy it

Herbie is a person who is doesn’t seem to like adventures and appears to enjoy living a quiet life. Unfortunately, adventures keep finding him, and he soon gets dragged into another one in Shadowghast, which is the third book in the Eerie-on-Sea Mystery series.

I don’t know whether it was because I hadn’t read the previous books, but I found it hard to connect with the main characters, even though the story does stand on its own. I also found that there was a lot of build up before the action really kicked in, with several explanations about the Shadowghast, which started to feel quite repetitive.

However, the last third of the book was much better. As they continue to look into the mystery of the disappearance of Violet’s guardian, Jenny, they start to uncover the truth, and this is when the book really starts to grip you. There are many unexpected discoveries and moments of drama. The huge amount of suspense meant that I quickly read the last section.

Overall I think it was well-written and I think that fans of the previous books will really enjoy it. The characters of Herbie and Violet are interesting and I think that if I’d understood their storylines better, from having read the previous books, I’d have been more interested in their investigations in the earlier part of the novel so don’t be put off my my honest review – just read the first two books in the series before this one!

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Alastair
  • Age: 11 years
  • Likes: science and space, Lego and sports
  • Dislikes: mushrooms and blue cheese
  • Favourite Book: Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson
  • Favourite Song: Hello by Adele
  • Favourite Film: Star Wars