Kid’s Book Review: Snow Ghost

Kid’s Book Review: Snow Ghost

About the Book and Author

This is lovely wintery picture book for young children to enjoy listening to the magic of the Tony Mitten’s story accompanied by Diana Mayo’s dreamy pictures.

Flying through the swirling, snow-filled skies, Snow Ghost searches for a place to call home, swooping gracefully over the whirling traffic of town, winding her way through the dense, tangled wood and to the top of the blustery hill. Then on the quiet calm of the moors, she sees a girl and a boy playing.

She breathes magic and sparkle into their play until it’s time for them to stumble back home to bed. And while shimmers of moonlight cast their glittering light, Snow Ghost curls herself round the roof of the farmhouse. She has found her happy home at last.

This timeless story of hope and belonging is published by Bloomsbury.

Snow Ghost cover
Tony MItton

Tony Mitton was born in Tripoli, North Africa, and grew up in Africa, Germany, Hong Kong, and England. He divides his time between teaching and writing children’s books. You can find out more about his other books by visiting his website.

Diana Mayo is an artist who has illustrated a number of picture books. To find out more about her work please visit her website.

Book Review

Snow Ghost is a story about a lady ghost who is looking for a home.

She looks in lots of places; one was a spooky wood where I enjoyed spotting the animals hidden in the pictures.

I really like all the snowy pictures and my favourite page is where the children make the snow angels.

I like playing in the snow just like the children in the story.

The Snow Ghost plays with the children at their house and this makes her feel feel like she has found a home.


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  • Name: Jasper
  • Age: 4 years
  • Likes: swimming, biking and building with Lego
  • Dislikes: wasps and bacon
  • Favourite Book: Fantastic Mister Fox by Roald Dahl
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